Modular ground source heat pump

VWMN series ground source heat pump is a new generation of ground source heat pump product developed by Vicot with great efforts, and it represents these years of experience of design, production of ground source heat pump and modularizing and the combining of the newest advanced technology, the unit is suitable for various places, such as office blocks, hotels, hospitals, factories, houses, etc. It is a more fashion, adhering to the "efficient, reliable, energy saving, environmental protection," the design concept, become available to users of the newer and more economical outstanding products.


1. Less investment

●Outdoor installation design (patent NO.ZL200620087478.3) no need of installation room, saves investment costs.

● Modular connection design facilitates the expansion of operation capacity; users can install the units according to the capacity required for construction in different time.  

2. Optional Built in reversing valve, easy installation

● There are two switch options of the cooling or heating for the modular heat pump, external switch and built in switch (reversing valve).When season is to be changed, for common traditional heat pump system, users have to switch the maintenance valve of external cooled water and cooling water system; for Modular Ground Source Heat Pump system, user can only need to press the key on the controller interface when having the optional built in reversing valve.

● Comparing with common traditional heat pump system, the Modular Ground Source Heat Pump system more economy:8 cut-off valves,4 water collector and distributor and large pipeline , greatly reducing the construction cost . 

3. High efficiency, Energy saving

Modular parallel combination, compressor parallel design, not only provide a much larger operation capacity for unit, but also the closer match between output of capacity and cooling load, reduces idling energy consumption. 

The energy efficiency comparison between Modular type and non modular ground source heat pump: 

4. Quality components selection:

Compressors and refrigeration accessories all chosen world-renowned brand products to ensure that the unit reached an excellent level of performance.

Using the most advanced DAE / DAC efficient heat transfer pipe, heat transfer surface with internal ribbed tube makes the heat transfer coefficient substantially increased; the heat exchanger unique

structural design, the best way of copper tube layout and precision of refrigerant control technology, greatly improved the efficiency of heat transfer. 

5. Noise Reduction, Environment friendly

  • Completely closed mute design makes operation quietly, reduce noise pollution.
  • Optional allocation of environmental friendly refrigerants. 

6. Safe and convenient

  • Small size, light weight, easy for installation, transfer and maintenance, can be put into use just make water pipes and the power supply cable be connected at the site.
  • The modules start one by one, starting current greatly reduced, effectively improve the safety performance.
  • Independent of each module, when any one of those modules failure or in need of maintenance, the other module can still run as usual, without any impact.
  • All the components covered with casing, keeps damages to cooling and electrical system away.
  • Advanced microcomputer automatic control system, with protection of high and low pressure, overload, low voltage, phase lack, and low temperature etc., with terminal for the external pumps, and displays and alarms malfunction.

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