Multi-function air cooled water chiller & heat pump


VH series are multi-function air cooled water chiller and heat pump with features of energy-saving, convenient operation. It's our latest multi-function unit controlled by microcomputer, which has the function as cooling, heating, producing hot water, cooling and hot water(could provide free hot water when cooling in summer),heating and hot water, hot water and heating, auto defrosting, twin-stage auto antifreeze, build-in auto diagnostic system. VH series could be extensively installed at hotel, villa, hospital, theatre, gym, stadium, recreational center, office building, miner enterprise, could also provide chilled water and hot water to the industrial corporations.

Multi-function series include non-modular type and modular type, could be installed in outdoor sites as rooftop, floor, balcony, leaving out boiler room, cooling tower, cooling pump and exclusive machine room, reducing construction investment and saving water. Microcomputer control enables the units to be easily installed, operated and maintained. 


Multifunction Units - Innovative utilization of renewable resource of energy, Truly realization of sustainable economy.

Vicot adopted Italian creative parallel module air source heat pump technology, extract air energy, create artificial environment, realize sustainable economy.

  Multifunction unit can provide cooling, heating and hot water. The unit could run in transition season as well, which improves the utilization ratio and achieves the goal of energy saving. Users could realize the following functions by one click:



Hot water

Cooling & hot water

Heating & hot water

Hot water & heating



Exclusive design, higher efficiency, less investment

1, Combination design of non modular type and modular type

VH008VH012VH015VH030VH045 units adopt non modular type design, especially suitable for villa, medium or small restaurant and hotel. VH075M, VH085M use the idea of modular design, take a single unit as the basic modular units. Many combination types are available to achieve the capacity from 8KW to 425KW by parallel connecting any model of 1 to 5units.

VH075M,VH085M basic module unit has two independent cooling system,and

are convenient to maintain.This has quite high flexibility which is helpful for

energy control & regulation and dilatation.


    "All parallel scroll compressor" technology, full load efficiency ratio is 7% higher than screw unit, partial load efficiency is 15-20% higher than screw compressor.

2, Full-automatic control

The operation and administration will be handled by micro computer, no need of special administrative staff. The units will start/stop compressor according to load conditions, that will enable the units operate at the optimum economic point and save energy. Various protection functions are available, such as self-diagnosis system, auto balance the operation hours of compressor, antifreeze in winter.


Air Cooled Condenser adopts "V" shape and delicately proceeds with the tubes and system configuration, which makes the unit fashionable, elegant. Powder static spraying technique brings out uniform and lasting color.

The casing has excellent anticorrosion and antirust capability with fashionable and elegant appearance, so there's no need to build outside machine room for installation.


4, Intelligent defrost


1). Big fin pitch design for better antifreeze performance

2). Defrosting is detected by pressure induction instead of temperature induction, which makes defrosting more sensitive.

3). By taking microcomputer obscure defrost technology, defrost will be more thorough.

4). Various region parameter database design makes the unit be suitable for local climate. All the parameters come from our national level lab, then formulate logic math defrosting expression to achieve the best effect, thus improving the heating efficiency in winter.

5). Both modular units and cooling circuits in the unit are independent; and the unit can be controlled independently. Multiple system time-share defrosting technology guarantees stable and sustainable heating supply when defrosting.


5.Intelligent antifreeze

Taking twin steps auto antifreeze protection, avoid chilled water freeze to damage water system. Antifreeze control could automatically exit when auto heating starts or pump water temperature increases.

6.Conveniently operation

Units will be strictly checked before package, and will fill in certain refrigerant and lubricant oil, also all the protection parameters has been set up, so the user just need to connect electricity and water tubes, and micro computer will take care all the operations.

7. Optional DC brushless motor is available, built-in unit design, the units will run smoothly and reduce sound pollution.


Name: V  H  0  8  5  V  Z  

Digit:1  2  3  4  5  6  7

1,2   Vicot air cooled cold and hot water unit , multi-function in-one unit

3,4,5  Cooling capacity (KW):008,012, 015, 035, 045, 075, 085

6     Modular: M

      Other: omit

7     Z: master module unit

      F: slave module unit

Optional accessory

Water pipe electric heater, rubber damper, water pipe flexible joint, flow switch, water side filter, water pump

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