Stulz IT Cooling Solutions

Precision climate control ensures availability

Precision air-conditioning systems regulate temperature and humidity for sensitive technology precisely to the last degree. In data centers and mobile phone network exchanges, their cost-efficient, continuous operation reliably ensures the high availability of computer systems.

If required, all units can be equipped with interfaces for connection to building services management systems from known manufacturers. This enables central monitoring and control at all times.

 Cyber Air 3 exterior view    

CyberAir 3 – Maximum efficiency in data center air conditioning

The CyberAir 3 precision air-conditioning system with Indirect Dynamic Free Cooling and Direct Free Cooling conditions the air in data centers and technology rooms with a heat load of over 20 kilowatts up to 90% more economical than conventional compressor cooling systems.

 CyberRow – More efficiency in rack cooling

CyberRow is the innovative air-conditioning system in which the air distribution takes a whole new direction – horizontal! The individual units are carefully integrated in the rows of server racks, greatly improving air distribution and taking
cooling directly to the heat load. Click here for product information

AirBooster - Air flow management with closed-circuit air conditioning

Air flow management solutions AirModulator, AirBooster and AirBooster Pro, can be installed in minimal time in an existing raised floor and will immediately and reliably begin cooling hot spots. Click here for product Information

Compact Plus – Small entry-level unit with a large impact

For minimal investment, the Compact Plus precision air-conditioning system ensures the availability of your sensitive technology in large rooms with a heat load of over 18 kilowatts.Click here for product information

MiniSpace – Compact precision for computer rooms

The MiniSpace precision air-conditioning system from STULZ cools small servers and equipment rooms with a heat load of up to 28 kilowatts.Click here for Product Information

CyberHandler Air conditioning unit

CyberHandler is a centralized cooling solution designed specifically to free up white space in the data center.

CyberCon - Cooling for containerized data centers

The STULZ CyberCon outdoor modular container system is designed for conditioning the air in a prefabricate

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