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Entalpia Gas

When it comes to refrigerant gas you cannot afford to make the mistake of choosing sub-standard product as the damages could be deadly and unbearable. Entalpia Refrigerant is your best bet!

Entalpia range of Refrigerant gases:

R22, R404a, R407c, R134a, R410a, R462a, R600, R507 etc

Available ones are

R22, R404a, R407c, R134a and R410a

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Clivatex floor standing Air-conditioning units

Capacities from 18,000btu - 60,000btu

Technical Specification

Clivatex Split Unit Airconditioner

Split units - Capacities from 1HP - 2.5HP

Technical Specifications

Clivatex Chillers Units

Available Capacities are 35kw, 50kw, 65kw

N/B: Higher capacities available on demand


Refrigerant Gasses

Our Technical Partners

Coldcare Nigeria Limited is in technical partnership with acclaimed world leaders in related engineering services. This has helped us in the areas of training as well as research and development. This way, we are able to remain relevant and up-to-date in the ever-evolving engineering world


Our Clients...

Our success is vested in our client's success  and we do our best to keep their satisfactions as our paramount goal.

 Among our highly esteemed clients are  Airtel Nigeria, Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Reftech A/S, Gurara Bottling Company Limited, Hassan Plastics Limited, 


Health Safety & Environment

COLDCARE NIGERIA LIMITED places high premium on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). Our policy makes it mandatory for everyone who works for the company, Including contractual to adhere strictly to HSE performance standards.



Our Vision is to be a household name of international standard in the provision of quality engineering products and services.


To keep to the ideal of high ethical standards in providing quality and efficient services to our customers at reasonable cost