The MiniSpace precision air-conditioning system from STULZ cools small servers and equipment rooms with a heat load of up to 28 kilowatts. With MiniSpace, you can keep your computer systems cool much more precisely, economically, reliably and durably than with conventional comfort air-conditioning systems. The system works either via a cooling compressor with air or liquid cooling (DX system), or especially economically with chilled water (CW system). The units require very little floor space, and their compact size means they can be installed in existing server rooms with no problem. The microprocessor regulates the temperature and humidity precisely to the last degree.   
MiniSpace exterior view

Features MiniSpace

  • Maximum cooling performance with minimum floor space
  • Choice of cooling with air or with chilled water
  • Units as downflow and upflow versions
  • Simple installation and maintenance through doors on the front
  • Air filtering with filter class EU 4
  • C1002 microprocessor for climate constancy and central monitoring:
    • Adjustment of set points, control parameters and
      limit values
    • All parameters are saved so that they are backed up in the event of a power failure
    • Alarms are displayed
    • Can be connected to BMS and STULZ monitoring systems

Options MiniSpace

  • C7000 Advanced user interface with LCD graphic display,
    RS485 interface and other preinstalled data protocols for connection to BMS
  • Communication via SNMP/HTTP IP protocols
  • Humidifier/heater
  • Air cooled condensers
  • Winter Start Kit
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Control of up to 20 air conditioning modules per data bus system

Technical Data

Unit Type        SystemTotal Cooling capacity (kW)Size *Airflow (m³/h)
CCD/U 41 A DX 5.1 1 2,000
CCD/U 61 A DX 6.8 1 2,000
CCD/U 81 A DX 9.2 1 2,000
CCD/U 121 A DX 12.5 1 2,820
CCD/U 171 A DX 18.2 2 6,000
CCD/U 201 A DX 23.1 2 7,000
CCD/U 110 CW CW 10.3 1 2,820
CCD/U 200 CW CW 28.1 2 7,000


MiniSpace EC - Even more benefits and options thanks to EC technology

EC fan

The MiniSpace series is now also available with EC fans, to further increase energy efficiency. MiniSpace EC fans are powered as standard by energy-saving EC DC motors. The electronically controlled EC fans react steplessly to changing output requirements, run in especially energy-saving partial load mode and are insensitive to fluctuations in voltage. EC fans consume up to 30 % less energy than conventional 3-phase fans!


Features MiniSpace EC

  • MiniSpace EC offers all the advantages
    and options of MiniSpace units
  • Variable-speed fan
    • High motor efficiency up to 92 %
      which means considerably lower operating costs
    • Quiet running, long life, maintenance-free
    • Pinpoint adjustment to the prevailing conditions
  • Filter control management for a constant air flow
  • C7000 IO controller for controlling and
    monitoring the air conditioning system
  • Use of CW standby management
  • Modbus preinstalled

Options MiniSpace EC

  • Eco-Cool with Direct Free Cooling
  • R134a high-temperature refrigerant


Technical Data MiniSpace EC

Unit Type    SystemTotal Cooling capacity (kW)Size *Airflow (m³/h)
CCD/U 51 A/G DX 6.4 1 2,500
CCD/U 71 A/G DX 7.5 1 2,500
CCD/U 91 A/G DX 9.6 1 2,500
CCD/U 131 A/G DX 12.1 1 3,500
CCD/U 151 A/G DX 13.8 1 3,600
CCD/U 181 A/G DX 18.1 2 7,000
CCD/U 221 A/G DX 21.9 2 7,000
CCD/U 251 A/G DX 26.0 2 8,000
CCD/U 100 CW CW 10.0 1 2,000
CCD/U 150 CW CW 15.0 1 3,600
CCD/U 190 CW CW 23.4 2 5,500
CCD/U 250 CW CW 31.8 2 7,500


Dimensions (HxWxD in mm)

Size 1 1,850 x 600 x 600
Size 2 1,850 x 1,000 x 810

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